I was not very happy with the 1st Edition Terminators, until I saw the painted ones from Lines at the B7 2006. I thought with a little converting they would look as good as the 2nd Edition Terminators.

So I started the second project: “Converting and Painting the Terminators”

I added some Greenstuff to the back of the miniatures and the Sergeant Marine got a sword and the Flamer Marine got a 2nd Edition Heavy flamer version. For the newer squads I ordered Lightning Claws an Chainfists from BattleWagonBITS, who sells them separately.

Again with a quick and dirty drybrush job I painted 10 Terminators in 3 days:

  • Black base coat
  • Drybrush with “Bleached Bone”
  • “Bleached Bone” on the shoulder pad
  • “Sunburst Yellow” for the eyes
  • “Boltgun” for the weapons
  • For the bases I wanted a real metallic look. I used a structured plastic card which meant a lot of work, but after all they will be used in a Spacehulk and not in a desert terrain. After this I decided to finish the bases of the Genestealers the same way.

    I bought 2004 the styrene sheet at “Gee Dee Models” in Nottingham. They are from Slater’s Plastikard (Double Tread 1:50). In the meantime I found the german manufacturer SCHULCZ for these “Bulp Plates” (Order No.: 29-20125).

    In the meantime I have some other Squads, including Terminators with Assault Cannon and Lightning Claws. The red Squad was speed painted by Jo at the fair in Stuttgart 2006 (except of the “Lightning Claw” Terminator. Click on the pics to get a bigger vew of all Terminators:



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