Inspired by an article about painting a Tyranid Hive Fleet in a day I started the first SpaceHulk project: “The SpaceHulk Speedpainting”.

At the game fair “Spiel 2004” in Essen me and Wolfgang managed to get an example for painting a Genestealer in minutes (using Games Workshop colours) by John:


  • Black base coat
  • Dirty drybrush of “Ultramarines Blue” with a big brush
  • With a mix of “Warlock Pink” and “Dwarf Flesh” we painted the head, flesh and claws
  • The tongue was highlighted with “Tentacle Pink”
  • The claws were highlighted with “Bleached Bone”
  • The top of the head was highlighted with “Dwarf Flesh”
  • We used then “Purple Ink” thinned down with a lot of water to ink the complete miniature, except the claws.
  • In this way I painted one week later over 75 Genestealer at the game fair in Stuttgart/ Germany.


    But unfortunately the bases still had to wait to get finished...

    After my introduction from Lines at the B7 2006 I finally got the motivation to finish the Genestealer after painting my first 10 Terminators.


    The bases and the floor tiles are painted with:

  • Black base coat
  • Drybrush with “Boltgun Metal”
  • Light drybrush with “Bilious Green”
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